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Getting the Best Results


Successful treatment depends on many things. Of course, specialist training and qualifications are important - but so is commitment.

Patients don't care how much we know until they know how much we care.

However, our commitment is still only part of what makes treatment successful as patients also need to be committed. Patients (and their parents) are not just passengers on a journey, they are active participants.

Taking a close interest in what is happening makes a real difference to the quality of the end result.

Things to do
  • Keep appointments. Best progress is achieved when visits take place every 6 weeks. Longer time intervals result in longer treatment overall. If this happens regularly, the quality of treatment also suffers. If you are unable to keep an appointment please let us know as soon as possible so that a new time slot can be found with minimal delay.
  • Keep your teeth clean. Apart from being good manners towards the orthodontist and nurses, a clean healthy mouth does not have swollen or bleeding gums and looks nicer to your friends. Of course, this is more difficult when wearing fixed braces but we will give all necessary instructions and brushes.
  • We ask patients to use a fluoride mouthwash as this help to prevent permanent staining.
  • We provide an oral hygeine care pack at the beginning of treatment to ensure all patients have the correct products to maintain a healthy mouth whilst wearing braces.  
  • We expect any removable appliances we provide to be worn as instructed.
  • The same goes for elastic bands. These are often used near the end of treatment to correct the bite. At this time, you need to think of the braces as an engine and the elastics as fuel. No fuel - no progress!
  • Let us know if anything goes wrong. Depending on the problem, we may say it's OK to leave it until the next scheduled visit or we may ask you to come in to have it fixed.
  • It is important you continue regular check-up visits with your general dentist.
Things to avoid
  • Avoid eating certain types of food - those that are very hard and might cause brackets to come unstuck and those that are sweet and sticky and might start a decay process.
  • Avoid acidic drinks. Coke, lemonade etc are lethal to teeth. The 'diet' versions contain no sugar but are very acidic and also cause permanent loss of protective enamel due to acid erosion, as do fruit juices. It's boring but the best drink for healthy teeth is tap or bottled water.
  • Don't brush the teeth straight after consuming sweet or acidic drinks. In fact, this makes matters worse as the top layer of enamel is brushed away whilst it is in a vulnerable state. It is better to wait at least one hour before brushing the teeth.
  • Avoid abusing the braces. Don't 'click' removable braces in and out (the wires will break eventually) and don't pick at fixed brace brackets.
  • Avoid biting on pens and pencils.
  • Stop habits such as thumb sucking. If this is a known problem before treatment starts, we will often fit a dissuasion appliance to help you break the habit.
  • Beautiful teeth from Reigate Orthodontics
    May I take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to Robert for making my teeth look beautiful and straight for my wedding. Robert was friendly and explained everything to me really well. I'm delighted with the results. I received a 1st class attention from when I contacted your orthodontist and through all the treatment. A big thank you also to all the staff you were always pleasant, friendly, welcoming and made me feel so relaxed. Claire Padmore
    Lucy did an amazing job on my teeth as a teenager and then later, despite my numerous attempts to ruin them, she has managed to bring them back to their former glory. James
    "What a remarkable job you have done, I am happier than ever and smiling permanently due to your practice" Mr Pitters
    I just wanted to say a big thank you to Lucy for seeing me at such short notice yesterday to fix my retainer. She is always so lovely (as are all the staff) and I really enjoy all my visits there - I am really pleased with the improvement in my smile and am only sad that I generally now no longer need to visit regularly!! Linda W, June 2019