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Adult Orthodontics

It's never too late and adults are increasingly seeking treatment for that perfect smile. This is usually for one of four reasons.
  • Treatment was not undertaken as a child.
  • There has been previous treatment but there has been some relapse.
  • The teeth were previously fine but have started to move.
  • The general dentist plans to carry out restorative treatment but some orthodontic correction is necessary first.
Treatment started at 47 for this lady with crowding and a poor bite. The white fillings were done by her general dentist.

Adult/child differences

There are differences when comparing the treatment of children and adults.

Essentially, adults don't grow (growth is a helpful factor in children), the teeth move more slowly and some older patients have gums and teeth that are in poor condition. These differences impose certain limitations but successful treatment is nevertheless possible in the great majority of cases.



When planning treatment, we recognise that adult orthodontic patients are all different with varying needs and priorities. The aims of treatment are then established by mutual agreement.

The majority of adult patients wear upper and lower ceramic fixed braces followed by fixed retainers on a permanent basis after completion of treatment.

The invisible lingual braces bonded to the tongue side of the teeth are suitable for a number of adult patients. More information is presented on the invisible braces page.

In our experience, adult patients are highly motivated, take great interest in the progress of treatment and are a joy to treat.


Before treatment- and still smiling with perfect teeth
11 years after completion of fixed brace treatment.

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